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How straw hats are made

Straw for handmade straw hats are grown and cultivated. When it reaches the proper height, it is cut and cleaned to rid it of any dirt or bacteria.

After the cleaning process, the straws are spread out and laid out for the sun to dry. Natural drying is the most common way in this process for produce straw hats. Natural straw can be dyed in all colors to make hats. Some colors include brown, red, blue, green etc. but most customers prefer natural color.

The straws are sent to weavers, the straw hats are woven by hand and use wooden block to keep the shape of the crown. They are skilled weavers and  they can knit 30 straw hats a day

Once the weaving is completed, the straw hat bodies are sent directly to my hat manufacturing  and our quality control center will separated according to size and trimmed into a completed hat.

We will use straw hat press and cut down the hat brim and sewn, our standard size is 6cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm etc depends our design or my buyer require. Such hats can be made to any shape, cowboy , lifeguard , fedora etc  for women, men and kids. To make those designs, we use molds, and that's why we have a wide of molds to make special straw hats, to meet every customer's requirements.


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